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South Concourse

Win the Mobile Web with Accessibility & Standards

Monday, Oct 22 11:45 - 12:45

Presented by Melissa Cheater

In 2016, Google, Facebook and Apple all launched accelerated, mobile-friendly formats to improve performance – because as a whole, the web wasn’t cutting it. We were slow, bloated, bogged down in pixels and scripts.

Data clearly flagged that audiences were giving us mere moments before abandoning and moving on to faster, cleaner, lighter pastures. More than half of all digital content is consumed in mobile applications (not including browsers). And yet, our links are the slowest loading content according to Facebook. An average of 8 seconds to load? Not OK.

And yet, when we look at Google’s AMP – the values there are the ones that we’ve always heralded:
“User Experience (greater than) Developer Experience (greater than) Ease of Implementation.”
“Solve problems on the right layer.”
“Don’t break the web.”

This presentation will explore accessibility and performance best practices that will make our sites more inclusive, and performing at the level expected by both our audiences – and the content networks that gate the modern web. It will also explore the pros/cons and quick start for developing Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles, alongside your regularly scheduled web template.


Melissa Cheater

Digital Content Manager

From helping cities rethink youth services, working with Canada’s best minds working to understand online identity, and showing universities how to reconnect – Melissa Cheater has been building & studying community longer than Shonda has been breaking our Grey’s Anatomy hearts. She studied Media & Public Interest at Western University, has worked across non-profit, government and private sectors and throughout her career has been breaking new ground in digital strategy (featured in publications such as Maclean’s and the Globe & Mail), helping institutions negotiate the digital shift in communications. Melissa is digital strategist, specializing in post-secondary education and social network theory, founder of the #PSEWEB conference, and a member of the Department of Communications & Public Affairs at Western University.