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Room 308

What’s News? Changing Dynamics and Definitions in Digital Higher Ed News Operations

Tuesday, Oct 23 3:00 - 3:45

Presented by Tim Nekritz

Well into the 21st century, many higher ed communication offices found themselves in 20th-century news operations. (Heck, we still regularly produced a paper newsletter!) But changes in the dissemination of news, the need to combat misinformation quickly and the desire to still make sure the college brand is part of the conversation have changed dynamics and definitions. Digital-last, or even digital-maybe, philosophies yielded to digital-first or even digital-only. And do you consider social media part of your news operations. (Hint: You should.) Does your staff align with a newsroom culture or is it subservient to other demands?

In this presentation, Tim Nekritz, director of news and media at SUNY Oswego, will talk about how his merry band of recovering journalists have ditched the anachronisms and embraced change for the good of their audience — while not forgetting what’s important to the institution. The presentation will include checklists, examples, suggestions and the occasional obscure pop culture reference.



Tim Nekritz

Director of News and Media

Tim Nekritz is director of news and media at SUNY Oswego, leading campus news operations, a range of digital content development and the college’s main social media channels. An award-winning journalist in a previous century, Nekritz’s regular roles include writer, editor, planner, peacemaker, photographer, marketer, matchmaker, video producer and recruiter. As if that’s not enough fun, he also serves as chief editor of HighEdWeb’s Link journal and teaches a course in media writing at SUNY Oswego. He has presented multiple times at previous HighEdWeb, Canada’s PSEWeb, Confab Higher Ed and SUNYCUAD conferences.