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Room 307

We created a CMS training course in six easy steps. You won’t believe what happens next!

Tuesday, Oct 23 10:45 - 11:30

Presented by Kevin Webb

You have more help desk tickets coming in than you have staff or time to work on them. Content management systems make content edits easier. Updating hyperlinks, page copy and file uploads are no longer confined to the lone web master. If technology has advanced so basic web page editing isn’t such a specialized skill, then why don’t more people update their own pages? The answer often times is that people don’t know how or where to start. There’s an explosion of free tutorial content on the web, but it’s all over the place and in varying degrees of quality. Your users don’t want to know how to update any web page, they want to know how to edit their web page. We created our online course to streamline the training process. It was tailor-made to address questions we saw over and over. How is that working out for us? Kevin will share the results of Vanderbilt Digital’s successful training course.

In this track session you will learn:

Why creating your own CMS training course has advantages over using something pre-made.
How you can structure and deploy an online course with minimal resources.
Tips to increase participation and compliance.
Learn what we discovered launching our own CMS training course at Vanderbilt.



Kevin Webb

Web Developer

Kevin Webb is a web developer at Vanderbilt University. When not coding or traveling, he researches rpg game design, meditates and enjoys good coffee. You will often find him smiling as someone points out that his last name is Webb and he works in web design. He never noticed that! Webb works for Vanderbilt's Digital Strategy and Development office. He lives in Franklin, TN with his wife Melissa and their puppy Zoey.