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Room 307

We CAN Have Nice Things! Exploring Design Operations for Fun and Profit

Tuesday, Oct 23 11:45 - 12:30

Presented by David DeMello

By now most people working in UX and visual design have heard of design systems, pattern libraries, live style guides, and the power of designing with small, reusable components. What may not be as familiar is a new discipline emerging at the enterprise level known as Design Operations (DesignOps). Borrowing motivations and techniques (and inspiration for its name) from Development Operations (DevOps), DesignOps seeks to standardize processes and tools to deliver results more quickly and become more predictable, consistent, collaborative, and focused in the ways we create and manage design.

This talk will review the current state of the art of DesignOps and its growing community, identify some ideas and practices that you can start using right away, and examine the question of whether or not adoption of full-scale Design Operations is justified and practical in university teams of various sizes.

This talk should be useful to designers, UXers, marketers, and developers alike.



David DeMello

Director of Web Strategy and Development

David DeMello has worked on the web in Higher Education for over 20 years. He's worn many hats, working as a programmer, systems administrator and web master, designer, user researcher, information architect, writer, strategic director, evangelist, educator and fixer. By day, almost all of that work has been for the ILR School at Cornell University, where he currently directs the web development team within Marketing, Communications, and Web.