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South Concourse

Video Killed the Radio Star

Monday, Oct 22 11:45 - 12:45

Presented by Cristin Kastner and Jen Green

In 1980, The Buggles declared that Video Killed the Radio Star. Fast forward 38 years and AdWeek has found that 50% of Gen Z ‘Can’t Live Without YouTube.’ Video is king and if your strategy doesn’t heavily leverage video, you’ll learn, a la Queen, that another one bites the dust. Learn how one small, but mighty, content team with a shoestring budget created and implemented a strategy for video creation. We’ll share all our “lessons learned” from which equipment to buy, how to train student staff, and how to structure your YouTube channel for maximum impact, and more. (One hint: don’t fly a drone in the wind. But, hey, great for the blooper reel!)



Cristin Kastner

Assistant Director, Content Strategy

Cristin Farney joined higher education in 2015, as the first content strategist on a web services team at Rowan University in southern New Jersey. She primarily focuses on recruitment and engagement campaigns. She has a long history with Rowan, having graduated from there with a master’s degree in public relations in 2003 and a bachelor’s in communication in 2002. In addition to crafting content, Farney has also been an adjunct professor at Rowan for 12 years. She feels it helps her to keep her finger on the pulse of the student community which, ultimately, helps her to develop stronger, student-centered copy for the web.

Jen Green

Digital Content Producer

Jen Green joined higher education last year as the second content producer at Rowan University in southern New Jersey. She supports the creative direction and management of digital content, particularly in areas pertaining to recruitment. Green joined Rowan after graduation from the university last May, when she earned a bachelor's degree in public relations. She has quickly gained a reputation as the expert within our Division for photography and video.