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Room 313

Try Before You Buy: User Experience Testing in Your RFP Process Can Save You Time and Money

Tuesday, Oct 23 3:00 - 3:45

Presented by David Rosen

Learn how user experience testing in the Request for Proposals process can save your university money, reputation and headaches. This session will cover the University of Minnesota’s efforts over the past 6 years to incorporate user feedback into the software purchasing process. The session will cover use cases that illustrate the considerations and challenges faced by teams at UMN making major software investments, and will show how user feedback helped those teams make data-driven decisions, avoid choosing the wrong tool, and prepare for the tools’ rough edges ahead of rollout.

You wouldn’t dream of buying a car without taking a few options for a test drive. Why would you spend what could be millions of dollars on a software solution for your campus without taking the opportunity to test it yourself?



David Rosen

User Experience Analyst

David Rosen has worked in user experience at the University of Minnesota as either analyst or manager for 14 years. Rosen's experience in both front-line work and management has uniquely connected him to an understanding of end-users, design teams, and the strategic thinking of leadership at the University. Rosen's role is to assist teams on campus with their efforts to understand and serve the University of Minnesota community. He develops and leads the execution of formal and informal user experience research projects between these teams and their end users. He is also responsible for the maintenance, scheduling, and use of a world-class usability lab.