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Room 308

Tough Topics and New Platforms: Using an Instagram Story to Help Sexual Assault Victims

Monday, Oct 22 3:15 - 4:00

Presented by Jon McBride

Sexual assault is an important and challenging topic on college campuses everywhere. A student survey at BYU found most victims confide in a friend or roommate. Those confidants want to help but don’t really know how. An Instagram story filled the gap in an innovative and effective way.

In this session, you’ll see the process to plan the story, write the script, involve key stakeholders, film, edit, get approvals (barely), edit again, post the story and respond to the incredibly-important DMs. Whether sexual assault or another serious topic on campus, this session will address why not shying away from tough topics, while utilizing new platforms, on social can be so important and rewarding. You’ll learn practical steps in planning and executing an Instagram story like this, with overall guiding principles that can assist you in doing the same and implementing it in your overall social strategy.

Key points:

• Understand what really makes your topic important

• Understand who you’re talking to

• Find the right tone

• Utilize your experts

• Promote with influencers

• Get ready to respond

• Track and report



Jon McBride

Media Relations and Social Media Manager

A stereotypical Canadian by birth, Jon McBride transplanted to Utah in 2001 and hasn't found a reason to leave. Jon is a media relations and social media manager at BYU where he brings a media relations approach to spreading the digital reach of the university. Jon writes feature stories, pitches to media, oversees social strategy campus-wide and manages an amazing team of students. Jon's social media presentation at eduWeb two years ago on Identifying, Approaching and Cultivating Digital Influencers was voted Best of Track. His most unique professional accomplishment was landing a pitch to Beyoncé’s publicist and getting a post out to her 63 million Facebook followers.