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Room 304/305

The Platform and the Portfolio. Quality, consistency, and flexibility. Pick three!

Monday, Oct 22 10:45 - 11:30

Presented by Josh Koenig

Your client needs range from full service hand-holding to hands-off empowerment. You’re also responsible for governing consistency and quality for a diverse set of properties. Finally, the size and scale of sites in your portfolio runs the gamut from department brochureware to flagship brands and breaking news. Serving this wide range of stakeholders effectively is a huge challenge, but some campuses have solved it with a platform approach. In this session we’ll look at several institutions (ASU, UPenn, Yale) and how they support use cases of all different shapes and sizes — while simultaneously minimizing wasted staff time, maximizing site consistency and quality, and delighting their clients by saying “yes” more than ever before.


Josh Koenig