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Room 306

Simplify Your API with Django and Python

Monday, Oct 22 4:30 - 5:15

Presented by Dave Lafferty

REST APIs are hard to do right, but with the increasing popularity of mobile and single-page applications, they’re becoming an expected feature. In this presentation we will build a beautiful, simple API with Django and the Django Rest Framework in real-time. Included in the presentation is:

– A whirlwind tour of Django and some of its relevant features, like url routing, automatic database migrations, and object relational mapping
– Token-based authentication
– Simple CRUD operations on tables
– More complex operations including the PUT and PATCH verbs and custom endpoints
– Endpoint and object-based permissions
– Automatic Swagger & OpenAPI integration

I hope after this presentation the next time you need to create an API you’ll consider Django!



Dave Lafferty

Senior Web Developer

Dave Lafferty is the Senior Web Developer for Nazareth College of Rochester, a small liberal-arts college located in Pittsford, NY. Dave has been working in Web Development for 11 years, 6 of those in Higher Education. In addition to web development, Dave has experience in systems design, systems administration, mobile & desktop development across a range of languages and environments.