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Room 306

RIP Our Sanity: Surviving the Dreaded CMS Switch

Tuesday, Oct 23 11:45 - 12:30

Presented by Joel Vertin

You have identified issues with your current website setup and have decided it’s time for a new CMS. Now what? We will share Michigan Technological University’s journey that started with a bad CMS and ended with a shiny new system that our campus is still excited about. Along the way, we assessed new CMS products, gained approval to switch from leadership, built buy-in and excitement on campus, migrated more than 12,000 webpages, and lived to tell the tale.

Learn how to evaluate your needs to determine the right fit for your institution and create a communication and rollout plan that allows everyone to keep their sanity. We’ll review our University’s decentralized web maintenance model, our key business requirements for a new CMS, and our project timeline. We’ll also share our tips and lessons learned as we aim to help anyone considering a big switch of their own.



Joel Vertin

Director of Digital Services

Joel Vertin is the Director of Digital Services within University Marketing and Communications at Michigan Technological University. He oversees a studio team as well as a team responsible for maintaining the University's web presence. Vertin has an MBA and a bachelor's of science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems. He is keenly interested in fostering relationships and shared goals in the multitude of spaces where content creation/marketing, search engine optimization, PR and news, and social media intersect on the world wide web.