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South Concourse

Redesigning our student portal from the 90’s

Monday, Oct 22 11:45 - 12:45

Presented by Lallo Vigil

The poster would present how we approached redesigning our student portal that has been tremendously dated. The poster would show how we took the steps to come up with a plan to transition to an updated responsive portal for our students.



Lallo Vigil

Web Administrator

Lallo Vigil (pronounced La Low) has been coding for over 15 years in Web Development. Vigil graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo in May of 2007. His major was Mass Communications with an emphasis in New Media Studies and also received a minor in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis in Web Development. Upon graduation Vigil was hired as a Web Developer for Colorado State University-Pueblo's Information Technology department. In his free time he likes to workout (run and play ultimate frisbee), and develop/design websites for small businesses and nonprofits.