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Room 311/312

My Plate of Success

Presented by Caryn Sobieski-VanDelinder

I love to cook and the science behind it. Sometimes the result is awesome, and sometimes it’s a real failure. But I don’t just give up. I learn what I did wrong, how I can make the final plate both taste and look great by tweaking the ingredients and seasonings until it comes out just right. I’ll use the analogy of a recipe and cooking fundamentals to illustrate how to manage a project using lists, mise en place, and why it’s important to never give up.


Caryn Sobieski-VanDelinder

Born and based in Buffalo, NY, Caryn is a web and graphic designer, and educational technologist with a background in the fine arts, education and typography. She manages and has built multiple websites, along with graphic design services in print and media for the University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions. Additional creative influences and practice include the art of typography, linocut and letterpress.