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South Concourse

Jorge: A Tool for Juggling Git, Composer, and Lando

Monday, Oct 22 11:45 - 12:45

Presented by Jason Proctor

We had the rare opportunity to start from scratch on a new website: new platform, new hosting, new workflows, new everything. And we quickly figured out that the mechanics of keeping our development instances in synch with each other and the ever-growing master version were going to get in the way of actually doing the development work. So we wrote a command-line tool to automate the tricky bits, and it greatly improved both the developer experience and our understanding of the tools and platform we were using.


Jason Proctor

Senior Web Applications Developer & Manager

At Mount Holyoke College since 2007, Jason Proctor has enjoyed a 24-year career of creating, maintaining, supporting, and improving web software, despite an academic background in computer and information sciences and the occasional need to extend the life of some lump of unmaintainable legacy code.