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Room 313

How to Influence and Create a Department Level Annual Plan

Monday, Oct 22 9:30 - 10:15

Presented by JP Rains

Do you wish you had more control over your daily tasks? If yes, read more, if no, you’ve already won.

Our organization leaders want one thing. Students, faculty members, department heads and associate-assistants-to-the-dean’s-special-advisor-commitees-and-subcommittees want another. How do we create an annual plan that can allow you to succeed? This presentation will cover how you can influence your department’s annual planning process and increase your level of control on the elements of your daily tasks.

The presentation covers:
– Managing up, creating the circumstances which allow you to plan
– Identifying organizational goals
– Selecting department-level strategies to achieve these goals
– Selecting tactics that align with these strategies
– Reporting on progress

This presentation is aimed at both non-supervisors and management level employees.



JP Rains

Director, Digital Strategy

JP Rains, MBA, is the Director of the Digital Strategy Office at his alma mater of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. He oversees the institution's digital footprint on the web and through social media while aiming to increase the digital IQ of the campus community. He is also President of Rains Media, where he works as a consultant in marketing and communication to private industry. Prior to this, Rains led strategy for two years as Vice-President of Strategy for Soshal Group, a digital agency working with a focus on clients in higher education. His work at Soshal led to multiple national awards and record setting performance for clients including; York University, University of New Brunswick and Cambrian College. He has been a presenter at #heweb four years running, including three presentations in Hartford last year as a part of the content/ux workshop, the poster session and the inaugural lightning talks.