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Room 307

Gettin’ Griddy With It: CSS Grid Layout is Here!

Tuesday, Oct 23 9:30 - 10:15

Presented by Stephen Fornal

The CSS Grid module is available in all of the evergreen browsers, and it’s going to change the way we make web pages forever. No more reliance on third party, clunky frameworks for laying out web pages, no more Bootstrap clones and look-alike site templates. The possibilities with CSS Grid are truly astounding, and the code you write will be clean, simple, and beautiful. Even better, CSS Grid works with all of the existing CSS layout tricks you know, including Flexbox and media queries; it’s complementary to what you’ve learned. Your graphic designer (if it’s not you also!) is going to love this, and you aren’t going to despair when you see their next design comp.

After this session, you will see what the CSS Grid module allows you to do, and you will understand the syntax and semantics of the grid declarations. You’ll know the current state of browser support, and the best practices for grid fallbacks. Even better, you will probably leave the session excited about the innovative possibilities that CSS Grid is going to bring to your future web designs.



Stephen Fornal

Manager of Web Development

Stephen Fornal is the Manager of Web Development for Tarrant County College, in Fort Worth, Texas, a large school with 60,000 students per semester and 6 separate campuses. He loves to experiment in front end coding, and CSS in particular. He's also a champion for accessibility. When he isn't working, he's playing with his three-legged Shiba Inu and his ten year old son, or he's whipping up some amazing grub in the kitchen, or if he's lucky, he's out playing pub trivia. Stephen likes to share his knowledge, and would love to hear from you.