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Room 306

Fourth Time’s a Charm: Launching a Mobile App Made Easy

Tuesday, Oct 23 3:00 - 3:45

Presented by Jonas Macapinlac and John Wiglesworth

After three attempts on three different platforms, the University of Guam launched its mobile app TritonGo 1.0 in March 2018. IT infrastructure, lack of personnel, feature decisions, and resource management each played roles in the almost three-year delay. In December 2017, we had had enough!

In just 8 weeks, UOG put forth a concentrated effort and was able to roll out its first official mobile app on an entirely new platform! In this session, learn how to decide what platform works best; how to choose the right features avoiding the “everything but the kitchen-sink” mentality; and how to keep users coming back to your app.


Jonas Macapinlac

Director, Integrated Marketing Communication

Jonas Macapinlac is the Director of Integrated Marketing Communications at the University of Guam. His department leads institutional public relations, marketing communications, digital production, social media, websites, mobile apps, and the online bookstore. His previous work experience includes corporate public relations, advertising, and providing training in multimedia production and assistive technology to educators in Micronesia and surrounding areas. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids, eating a good steak, and cheering on the Los Angeles Lakers (#sorrynotsorry, Sacramento!).

John Wiglesworth

Junior Web Developer

John Wiglesworth was born in Maryland, but raised traveling throughout the United States, East Asia, and the Pacific Islands. He studied Computer Science, Counseling, and Psychology at Bob Jones University in South Carolina and graduated in 2015. For his day job, he works as a Web Developer for the University of Guam. In his free time, he is a private tutor, with a focus on mathematics, and enjoys working on a continuous stream of side projects. His most driving passion in life is to actively develop and use the tools he has to bring others joy.