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Room 308

Facebook’s new New NEW Algorithm: Epic Data Share

Tuesday, Oct 23 10:45 - 11:30

Presented by Melissa Cheater

The great and noble Facebook is pulling newsfeed real estate from Pages and making room for meaningful, spirit-lifting content from that person you share nothing with except maybe an obligation to friend each other. Because scrolling past the 8,544 absolutely essential posts per year (that’s 23.4 posts per day) on our school’s official Facebook Pages was – among other things – creating a passive audience of content sheep that were starting to feel vaguely sad while surfing their newsfeeds.

So. With even Facebook admitting that numbers were going to tank, what really happened? Who survived the newest algorithm and what can we learn from them to help our own pages deliver what audiences (and our Facebook lords) are looking for?

This presentation will report the findings of a coast to coast survey on Facebook Page analytics, with a focus on reach, impressions and volume of posts. We’ll dig deeper into type of posts and best (and worst) performing posts – all with collegial diplomacy, because we’re all just doing our best in a Facebook-ruled world.


Melissa Cheater

Digital Content Manager

From helping cities rethink youth services, working with Canada’s best minds working to understand online identity, and showing universities how to reconnect – Melissa Cheater has been building & studying community longer than Shonda has been breaking our Grey’s Anatomy hearts. She studied Media & Public Interest at Western University, has worked across non-profit, government and private sectors and throughout her career has been breaking new ground in digital strategy (featured in publications such as Maclean’s and the Globe & Mail), helping institutions negotiate the digital shift in communications. Melissa is digital strategist, specializing in post-secondary education and social network theory, founder of the #PSEWEB conference, and a member of the Department of Communications & Public Affairs at Western University.