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Room 308

“Facebook-Nevers”: Why Facebook is the AOL for GenZ (And What You Can Do About It)

Presented by Melissa Dix and Allison Winston

GenZ is the first generation to have a declining presence on Facebook.

FB usage by people ages 12 to 17 is slowly decreasing and North Americans are spending 50M fewer hours on Facebook than they did six months ago.

Why? The “Facebook-nevers”: a segment of GenZers who have never, ever created a Facebook account.

Time to sell your Facebook stock? We wouldn’t go that far. But we do have some Gen-Z friendly admissions and enrollment hacks to share.


Melissa Dix

Melissa Dix, Director of Digital Media and Creative Services, has been evangelizing digital at Beloit College for 13 (lucky) years. At Beloit she's done the web, communications and marketing and most recently - enrollment. Her background also includes six years with Motorola, managing and collaborating on web development projects spanning manufacturing, e-commerce and mobile commerce; and two years as a developer for Full Audio, an online, subscription-based music software startup in Chicago.

Allison Winston

Allison Winston, CEO and Co-Founder of Kickwheel, was a classroom teacher, educational leader, college faculty and advisor for 11 years prior to becoming an edtech entrepreneur.