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Room 307

Developing a Living Style Guide with Pattern Lab: Protecting and Promoting Your Brand

Monday, Oct 22 4:30 - 5:15

Presented by Max Bronsema

Do you have a brand? Is it reflected accurately across digital platforms and throughout print? If not, a living style guide can get you on your way to brand alignment. The benefits include building once and then applying those styles across your distribution mediums, making changes on the fly that then permeate across your system, and it is a blast to create.

This session will dig into building out a living style guide using Pattern Lab. Beginning with explaining why we chose Pattern Lab, an explanation of the methodology, and what we have been building. Selection of other technologies that help bridge Pattern Lab to work with all of our platforms and the subsequent trials and tribulations. From there we will explore how we are beginning to use the generated assets across our Drupal, WordPress, and static website platforms to unify our brand and reduce our repetitive work.

Leave this session with a generic toolkit that you can apply at your institution and a set of lessons we at WWU have learned along the way.



Max Bronsema

Director - Web Communication Technologies

Max has been involved in web development for over 16 years and has loved taking apart and building physical and digital things since a young age. Solving big problems with open source tools has been a passion since beginning work in Higher Education. He is happily married to a talented woman and recently became a father. He attended the College of Idaho majoring in management information systems with a minor in computer science and received his master in teaching from Western. Max has held positions at the College of Idaho, University of Oregon, and currently Western Washington University as the Director of Web Communication Technologies. When not at Western he can be found with grease under his fingernails working on cars and bikes.