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South Concourse

Countering ruff days: Improving library UX with the help of therapy dogs

Monday, Oct 22 11:45 - 12:45

Presented by Conny Liegl

Since 2012, I am chairing the “Take5” committee that creates and facilitates positive, stress-relieving initiatives, activities and events at Kennedy Library. Fostering new engagement strategies and creative outreach methods, we are helping students to manage and reduce excessive stress, particularly in preparation for and during examination periods.
The presentation focuses on opportunities and challenges of this established public program. Going beyond the physical and virtual user experience, we cater to the whole student and apply integrated strategies to improve mental wellbeing of the library’s visitors.

Often, people associate UX directly with user interfaces or other digital experiences. I would like to spark conversations that re-focus the field of UX on holistic experiences. Airports, universities and libraries are exploring animal-assisted interventions to foster engagement and help with stress relief. My example from our academic library will help attendees to understand the program and real-world outcomes.



Conny Liegl

Senior Designer for Web, Graphics and UX

Conny Liegl is the Senior Designer for Web, Graphics and User Experience at Kennedy Library, Cal Poly. With 15+ years of experience working in international higher education institutes, Liegl is passionate about solving problems and finding the right research tool for any audience, purpose and budget. She regularly shares methods, insights and best practices with the UX community. Making empathy part of her process, she champions the needs of the users. Liegl is the 2015 winner of LITA contest Great Library UX Ideas Under $100. You can follow her at @connyliegl.