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Room 313

Common Sense Leadership for Leaders Who Don’t Feel Very Leader-y

Tuesday, Oct 23 9:30 - 10:15

Presented by Jesse Lavery

We are the doers. The makers. The creators. The problem solvers. The conjurers of awesome. Our work gets results and gets noticed. And then, the inevitable happens: because we do awesome work, we get promoted to be the managers and the leaders of other doers and makers. But rarely do we receive management or leadership training; we’re thrown into the management wilderness without a guide, hungry wolves at the ready. This is the presentation I wish I had when I was thrown to the wolves. We will learn common sense approaches to respecting and empowering your team, taking care of yourself, tools and tech to be most efficient with the extra management duties on your plate, and much more. Don’t feel very leader-y? This “maker’s approach to leading” is for you.



Jesse Lavery

Assistant Vice President of College Relations & Digital Strategy

Jesse Lavery is just trying to make better mistakes each day. Since 2010, Lavery has had many different job titles, but has done more or less the same thing: led the College’s web design & development, social media, and videography teams. Outside of Allegheny, Lavery has served on the HighEdWeb Board of Directors and on various committees and volunteer roles within the Association, his local church, arts community, and sports leagues. Lavery is an avid BBQ enthusiast and, as anyone who follows him on social media knows, is borderline obsessed with the sport of curling.