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South Concourse

Chatbot for Student Services: A Case Study for Singapore Management University

Monday, Oct 22 11:45 - 12:45

Presented by Weesen Goh and Greg KRYGSMAN

The Singapore Management University (SMU) Student Services Hub is a convenient one-stop centre that amalgamates student services, from handling student payments, insurance, locker rentals and the like, to addressing student queries on myriad aspects of student life. SMU’s Student Services Hub usea an AI-Chatbot to address, on a 24/7 basis, more than 1000 frequently asked questions across student areas like academic, admissions, student life, internships, exchanges and career tips. We share, in our poster presentation, how “AskSmooSmoo” is a first line of contact to handle simple frequently asked questions and requests as a new channel of communication.


Weesen Goh

Senior Associate Director

Weesen Goh is Senior Associate Director at Singapore Management University.


Head, Student Services Hub

Greg KRYGSMAN is Head, Student Services Hub, Singapore Management University