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Room 315

Campus Web Services and the Publishing Principle of Least Effort

Wednesday, Oct 24 1:00 - 4:30

Presented by Rachel Cherry

We all know what it’s like to manage the web in higher education. You have a lot of information to publish, and keep up-to-date, with limited time and resources. If your web ecosystem is disorganized, your job becomes harder as you struggle to provide support and ensure unified and fresh messaging. Not to mention the College of Arts and Sciences website can’t be updated because their web developer left and no one knows Coldfusion.

Join me to discuss the service challenges we all face as web professionals in a university setting. Learn how to maximize communication and support with the least amount of duplicated effort.


Rachel Cherry


Rachel Cherry is a Senior Software Engineer for The Walt Disney Company with over ten years experience in back and front-end web development and digital design. Before Disney, she spent over nine years working in higher education and is the Founder/Director of WPCampus, a community and conferences focused on using WordPress in higher education. When she’s not using WordPress to help build the web, she advocates for the importance of accessibility and works to encourage collaboration and professional development as a conference and meetup organizer. Rachel lives in Pasadena, California but you can find her on Twitter, GitHub, and bamadesigner.com.