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Room 313

Campus Emergency Preparedness: Strategies for Content Creators, Tech Masters, and Campus Leaders

Tuesday, Oct 23 8:30 - 9:15

Presented by Lisa Catto

When it comes to emergency preparedness, campuses are all over the map. Some have formalized teams and staff members devoted to preparing for crises, while others have gotten as far as talking about the need to prepare. Let’s get honest for a second: It’s not that we don’t care about it, but when we’re juggling a seemingly endless list of tasks, it often falls to the bottom of the list. Or we just don’t know where to start. This presentation will help with that.

At Western Oregon University, a core group of individuals have come together to prepare for potential emergencies. We’ve learned a great deal since summer 2016 and want to share with you strategies to prepare on a personal, department and campus-wide level. You’ll leave the presentation with specific actionable items to take back to your campuses and a better understanding of what you and your colleagues can do.

For content creators: You’ll learn specific things you can prepare now to help your future self in an emergency and how to build a communication framework.

For tech masters: You’ll learn about preparing a website to be able to share emergency information at a moment’s notice and various ways to communicate about an emergency using existing campus technologies.

For campus leaders: You’ll learn about how to get buy-in at the top level for dedicating resources to emergency planning, and how to help your employees prepare.


Lisa Catto

Content Manager

Lisa Catto has managed the media relations and social media efforts at Western Oregon University for more than 13 years, among myriad other duties. She's nearly finished with her master's degree in archaeology, where she's incorporated her communications and Web background. She's also working toward publication as a romance writer and dreams of the day when teleportation is available so she can commute to work in Oregon from her (yet-to-be purchased but oft dreamed of) cottage in Scotland.