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Room 314

Bringing Fawkes from the Ashes: Reviving a Student Multimedia Team

Tuesday, Oct 23 9:30 - 10:15

Presented by Tonya Oaks Smith and Tom Soto

Sometimes the best-laid plans aren’t really well made at all.

About a year ago, Louisiana Tech University had a group of students who were tasked with providing video and photo content to be used across all communication channels. An enviable position, right?

Problem was, the team didn’t have a strategic direction. They had equipment and some knowledge, but feedback and guidance were lacking. What was the best way to help this team of humans who really wanted to make a difference for the university find their direction in terms of recruiting and sharing brand messaging?

Tom and Tonya will tell you how they helped the team gel into a cohesive customer-oriented group of creatives who now make beautiful videos for the entire campus. These students developed a purpose and learned to serve as shepherds for the University brand – some of them are even considering making marketing and communication their life’s work as a result.



Tonya Oaks Smith

Executive Director for University Communications and Marketing

Tonya Oaks Smith (@marleysmom) has spent most of her adult life smoothing frayed edges, herding wet and hungry cats, breaking down silos and perfecting the #facepalm –- all while dancing backwards and in heels with a big smile on her face. A former reporter who sold her soul and then redeemed it by moving to communication for a public university, Smith is a fan of the words “y’all” and “malheureusement” — not necessarily in that order, and prefers the em dash to commas. She is the executive director of university communications and marketing at Louisiana Tech University.

Tom Soto

Digital Communication Manager

I have over 10 years experience in marketing at Louisiana Tech University working with branding, graphic design, web maintenance, and social media administration. I'm a #LATech Alum and Fire Line Captain with Lincoln Parish Fire.