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Boon Companion: Content Strategist as Sidekick

Tuesday, Oct 23 1:45 - 2:45

Presented by Jeff Stevens

They say that content is king, but the crown can weighs heavily on a troubled brow. How does a content strategist, charged with overseeing dozens, if not hundreds of sites, do so without abdicating the throne?

In this session, I suggest a different approach – content strategist as the trusted companion. Through training, education, guidance, and governance, one can build a legion of content heroes that you can support from the sidelines and lead them to achieve their quest.


Jeff Stevens

Assistant Web Manager, Content and Social Strategy

Like James T. Kirk, Jeff Stevens believes the most important three words ever spoken were "Let me help." A self-described meddling do-gooder, Jeff advocates for making connections and for approaching design and content with empathy and humility. At UF Health, Jeff is responsible for content and social strategy for an academic health center consisting of seven hospitals and hundreds of clinics across north Florida. An award-winning speaker, Jeff holds degrees in advertising and history, and likes hiking, cycling, board games, karaoke, and exploring new places. You can find him online @kuratowa.