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Room 315

Beautifully Accessible

Tuesday, Oct 23 8:30 - 9:15

Presented by Levi McGranahan

Are accessible web applications and beautiful interface design mutually exclusive? NO WAY! Trying to keep up with the trends set by cutting-edge apps and websites can lead us to make design decisions that exclude users. When we embrace accessibility as a design requirement, everyone wins.

In the User Experience Office at Indiana University, we’re creating a design system for enterprise software that will help development teams across multiple campuses launch products that are accessible, usable, and consistent. See how we’re building components and design patterns that are accessible by default and—we think—beautiful. Hopefully, you’ll walk away with some ideas of how you can do the same. No background in design or development necessary.



Levi McGranahan

UX/UI Designer

Levi McGranahan is a UX/UI Designer in the User Experience Office at Indiana University. He’s been designing for all types of screens for the last 12 years and is passionate about building inclusive interfaces for the web. He's is currently working as the team lead developing Rivet, a design system to help developers build software that’s accessible, usable, and consistent.