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All Work and No Fun? Nonsense! — How Creativity, Curiosity, Surprise, and Play Help Us Work

Tuesday, Oct 23 1:45 - 2:45

Presented by Donna Talarico

It’s OK to day dream. Our minds need to play. We need to wonder, we need to wander. In a day where we’re on sensory overload, it’s important for our brains to take a break—in both our personal and professional lives—otherwise, we burn out. In this inspirational session, we’ll take a mental road trip of sorts with stops at:

Creativity – how we can reinvigorate our creativity or boost it to a new level
Curiosity – how childlike wonder keeps us fresh and inspired – and helps us be better creators and storytellers
Surprise & Anticipation – how not knowing what’s next keeps us motivated—and on our toes
Recess – how implementing play into our lives—and taking more time to rest—helps boost brainpower

Filled with practical first-hand examples and stories from peers and further fueled by expert research and books, this session aims to renew and refocus energy and build and boost brainpower. Finally, we’ll talk about how these aspects not only make us better professionals, but also how the concepts can trickle down to help our students and those around us.


Donna Talarico


Donna Talarico is an independent writer and content marketing consultant, and she also is the founder of Hippocampus Magazine. She has more than two decades of experience in marketing and communications and about half of that time has been in higher education, most recently as director of integrated communications at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. In addition to content work for clients in higher ed and B2B, Donna writes a marketing column for Wiley's recruiting and retaining adult learner newsletter, and has contributed to CASE Currents, Guardian Higher Education Network, various alumni magazines, The Writer, mental_floss, and others.